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Recent Mail at Dufresne’s Sugar House

Dufresne's Sugar House donated syrup to the Massachusetts Agriculture Promotion Board for the 2018 "Taste of Massachusetts" reception at the State House on Massachusetts Agriculture Day.  We thought legislators might want a taste of the best syrup produced here in…

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Firing up for the season

    Here we are, at Dufresne's Sugar House, firing up for the first time in the 2018 sugaring season.  It's about 9 pm at this point.  We spent the day gathering and filtering sap, and getting everything ready to…

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TAPPING for 2018 sugaring season

Keith  Dufresne, owner and operator of Dufresne's Sugar House, in Williamsburg, MA, is in the middle of tapping the trees for the 2018 sugaring season.     As you can see, some of the terrain is pretty tricky.  Here he…

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Cooking vegetables with maple syrup

Guest chef Vivienne West arrived at Dufresne's Sugar House for Thanksgiving dinner with vegetables from her local CSA farm, Alstede Farm in New Jersey.  She created three vegetable dishes which included maple syrup from Dufresne's Sugar House.  See our recipe…

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Scenes from Annual Equipment Open House

Thanks so much to everyone who came to our annual Equipment Open House on September 30th! We love this opportunity to welcome people to the farm and build relationships with fellow sugar-makers.                …

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Terroir at Dufresne’s Sugar House

As Ellen Bhang said in her article about wine in a recent issue of The Boston Globe, terrior is "the totality of [the] growing environment-- [it] is about more than the dirt and bedrock...Factors making up terroir include climate, topography,…

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