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Wandering through the Woods

It’s not just Sugar Maples that you can find walking through the Dufresne’s Sugar House property. The woods are filled with wildlife of all kinds, from bears to frogs and mushrooms to slime molds (as pictured below). While tapping trees…

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End of Season Musings

  The pandemic had only very recently been declared late in our boiling season, so nothing much changed here until we were done.  We just continued to do what we had to do to get in our crop.  It feels…

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Syrup Stampede

Our own Lainie Dufresne ran  in the first Syrup Stampede, a race sponsored by Dufresne's Sugar House, to benefit Empty Arms Bereavement.  Her run was also sponsored by many of our friends, relatives, customers and fellow local business owners, including…

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Recent Mail at Dufresne’s Sugar House

Dufresne's Sugar House donated syrup to the Massachusetts Agriculture Promotion Board for the 2018 "Taste of Massachusetts" reception at the State House on Massachusetts Agriculture Day.  We thought legislators might want a taste of the best syrup produced here in…

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Community Support by Dufresne’s Sugar House

Dufresne's Sugar House is proud to support our community in many ways, including being a major sponsor for the inaugural Syrup Stampede, coming up on April 8, 2018 at Look Park in Florence, Massachusetts.  The first hundred registrants for the…

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2018’s syrup coming off the evaporator

The first syrup of the 2018 season at Dufresne's Sugar House coming off the evaporator after the hours it takes to "sweeten the evaporator", the time we are boiling to get the sap concentrated enough to be syrup.    …

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