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Maple Syrup Grade Descriptions

At Dufresne’s Berkshire Maple Sugar House we take pride in producing the highest quality maple syrup that can be made. Maple syrup grades vary depending on the tree and the time of season you are tapping.

The sap gathered early in the season generally produces Fancy Syrup – the lightest shade and most delicate flavored Maple Syrup. Sap gathered later in the season tends to produce darker and darker syrup, through the grades.


There are four grades of maple syrup produced by Dufresne’s Berkshire Maple Sugar House:

1) GOLDEN COLOR (Delicate Taste) – Formerly Light Amber

Also known as Fancy Syrup; Light Amber syrup is light in color, and has a delicate, yet full, maple flavor. Within the industry this is considered the finest table grade syrup. Old-time sugarmakers would consider nothing but Light Amber for their pancakes.

2) AMBER COLOR (Rich Taste) – Formerly Medium Amber

Medium syrup is made as the season progresses; it is slightly darker in color with a slightly stronger maple flavor. Medium Amber is also excellent table syrup.

3) DARK (Robust Taste) – Formerly Dark Amber

Dark syrup is made late in the season. As the trees change so does the sap; producing a darker colored syrup with a more robust flavor.

4) VERY DARK (Strong Taste) – Formerly B-Grade

Also known as Cooking Syrup; B-Grade syrup is primarily produced for use in cooking and baking as it is so strong in flavor that it will come through the cooking process. It tends to be a bit strong for use as table syrup, and can even have a bit of a lingering taste on the tongue.

  • All grades of syrup are the same density and sugar content.
  • Pure maple syrup is fat-free, and contains minerals, antioxidants and amino acids not found in other sweeteners.
  • Pure maple syrup, maple sugar candy, and maple cream contain no dairy, gluten, or other allergens.
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