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Maple Syrup (Traditional Jug)


Terroir: The unique combination of factors including soil, climate, sunlight, handling, and care that gives syrup its distinctive character. 

What sets Dufresne’s Sugar House apart is our awareness of the concept of terroir.  You can taste this in our flavor.


Each of our maple syrup grades here at Dufresne’s Sugar house has a unique and complex flavor specific to our sugar bush.  Our syrup gains its excellent flavor from the location of our trees on our granite mountain, and the meticulous care we take of our trees, lines, and tanks.  We are obsessive about cleanliness at every stage of the syrup-making process, which comes out in our flavor.

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Golden, Amber, Dark, Very Dark


Half Pint, Gallon, Half Gallon, Quart, Pint

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