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Buy Maple Sugar Products For the Home – Retail

Pure Maple Products Produced by the Dufresne Family

Maple Syrup in a Traditional Jug

lineup-jug-sizes-ladderMAPLE SYRUP IN A TRADITIONAL JUG
Golden syrup perfect for a traditional breakfast of pancakes, waffles or cereal. Choose from golden color (delicate early season), amber (traditional), dark (stronger & my favorite on ice cream), Very Dark with a strong flavor for cooking.


Gallon $60, Half-Gallon $36, Quart $25, Pint $15, ½ Pint $8.

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Maple Syrup in a Glass Maple Leaf

Dufresne's Maple leaf bottles

A beautiful way to give our high quality maple syrup as a gift or to present it on your table to friends and family. This is a great gift as a table favor or as a “stocking stuffer”.

Available in the following sizes: 250ml $15.00, 100ml $10.00 and 50ml $7.00.

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Maple Sugar Candy

Dufresne's Sugar House Pure Maple CandyMAPLE SUGAR CANDY (Shipped Oct – May)
A natural candy grandparents love to give to their grandchildren, their children, and to sneak for themselves. Our maple candy is noted for its taste and high quality—it melts in your mouth.

Available by the ½ lb. $15.00, 1 lb. $25.00. Note: number of pieces varies by size/design of candies.

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Traditional Maple Sugar Blocks

MAPLE SUGAR BLOCKS (Shipped Oct – May)
We now have maple sugar in traditional block form. This method was used to preserve maple sugar before the advent of hot-packing and refrigeration. To make syrup, scrape sugar from block & add water.

1 lb. block $25.00, ½ lb. block $15.00

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Maple Cream

Dufresne's Sugar House Pure Maple CreamMAPLE CREAM
My wife’s favorite by the spoonful, and my mother-in-law’s favorite on toast. Also great on pancakes, waffles, bread or in a peanut butter sandwich.

Available by the half pound $15.00 and pound $25.00.

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Granulated Maple Sugar

Dufresne's Sugar House Granulated Pure Maple SugarGRANULATED MAPLE SUGAR

Indian Sugar – Granulated Maple Sugar in plastic shaker: 12 oz. $15, 8 oz. $11

Also available in bulk by the pound.
Call 413.268.7509 for current prices.

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