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A Sweet and Sappy Story

Nikki & Keith collecting sap
Nikki & Keith collecting sap from the vacuum tank as seen in background on left.

At the end of March 2019, I (Jacqueline) received a call from Nikki, a hospice nurse, asking if we were still gathering sap, because everyone in her area was already done (she lives south of us). Being that is was very near the end of our season, I told her we were gathering, but only for a day or two more. I then asked how we could help. She stated that she is a hospice nurse and one of her clients had been reminiscing about growing up drinking maple sap right from the buckets. She wanted to know if it would be possible to come up and get some sap and bring it to him. I said of course and arranged for her to come up the next day.

A few days later I received a phone call from the client thanking me for making this possible. He told me that he, his wife, and Nikki enjoyed sipping the maple sap from shot glasses, savoring every drop.

If I wasn’t crying enough when Nikki arrived, I certainly was moved to tears during this phone call.


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